The Subtle Forces Podcast

A show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” active in her life through essays, interviews and experiments.

In which Anja shares some of her embarrassing audio diary from 10 years ago.

Guests in chronological order...

Anja's mom, Anton Sieger on piano, Grandma Does Her Taxes, Freesia McKee on piano, yodeling at a festival, wind chimes, "Monster," The Polymer Slug on keyboard, Jessica Bayer, and assorted friends near the end.

In which Anja conducts a science fair project testing the mind reading ability of 8 highly intuitive people.


Featuring Terimarie Degree and her mom Lela, Freesia McKee and Jade Kästel, Mace and their roomate Sindie Ho, Victoria and Rosalie Robison and a moment with Heidi Parkes.

Photo originally shared from @thebrasslady instagram account.



Anja's notoriously conservative friend, The Skrauss tries drugs, falls in love and suddenly realizes he has been a tool of the patriarchal empire.  

Subtle Force: That Unrelenting Audience. 

Skrauss Links:

"This is the episode of a great and informative show that lead me to Salt Lake City"


Skrauss's Art Website


Music: Anton Sieger, Anna Raff.  Photo: Anja's parents dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy

At her day job Anja puts things away for a living, but when she is home she leaves everything out.

Featuring an interview with Pat Walsh, inventor of "Put Away." 

Music by Anton Sieger.

Anja receives an email from the anti-vaccination organization Weston A. Price and asks a real doctor, Dr. Michelle Kosmalski what she thinks about it. 

Also featuring: the smooth voice of Charles Bursell. 

Anja goes down to the basement... all alone.


Archival recordings of Freesia McKee on WXRW LP-Milwaukee

An interview with Jessica Bayer 

Music by Anton Sieger, the brave.

Have a basement you would like to share?



Rudimentary: Write and send a postcard to someone you would like to travel with.

Proletariat: You are a travel show host. Record a segment in which you give a tour of your own real life neighborhood.

Inconceivable: Build a time traveling device and go back in time. Document your journey for each of the senses.  Don't forget to also take a picture of your time traveling device!

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