The Subtle Forces Podcast

A show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” active in her life through essays, interviews and experiments.

At her day job Anja puts things away for a living, but when she is home she leaves everything out.

Featuring an interview with Pat Walsh, inventor of "Put Away." 

Music by Anton Sieger.

Anja receives an email from the anti-vaccination organization Weston A. Price and asks a real doctor, Dr. Michelle Kosmalski what she thinks about it. 

Also featuring: the smooth voice of Charles Bursell. 

Anja goes down to the basement... all alone.


Archival recordings of Freesia McKee on WXRW LP-Milwaukee

An interview with Jessica Bayer 

Music by Anton Sieger, the brave.

Have a basement you would like to share?



Rudimentary: Write and send a postcard to someone you would like to travel with.

Proletariat: You are a travel show host. Record a segment in which you give a tour of your own real life neighborhood.

Inconceivable: Build a time traveling device and go back in time. Document your journey for each of the senses.  Don't forget to also take a picture of your time traveling device!

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