The Subtle Forces Podcast

An unpredictable show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” through essays, interviews and experiments.

We are taking a summer break. The Subtle Forces will return the first week of September.


Now is a great time to catch up on older episodes or tune into if you're looking for something fresh and eclectic.

In which Anja receives a sinister birthday gift that keeps on giving long after she uses it.
Featuring music Kendraplex

Theme by Anton Sieger

music by Illicit Eagle
Featuring Colleen DuVall Women Who Howl at the Moon Podcast
Blaine's friend Mel 

A 29 minute radio musical

By Anja Notanja and Charles Bursell with musical accompaniment by Peter Donalds.

Guest appearance: Blaine Wesselowski

In which Anja stimulates her inner economy whilst eating a jar of sea stag sauerkraut, revealing the source of a primordial tang.
David Saturn Klingenberger of The Brinery
Theme music by Anton Sieger

In which Anja starts collecting product advertisements.


Brad Fiore, professional copywriter


Anton Sieger

Greg Hart


In which Anja visits her godmother and starts to question what freedom really is. 


Donna Eddy

Blaine's old friend Myron

Anja's mom

This week, Anja Notanja, the host of the Subtle Forces Podcast was interviewed by Amy Tutti Frutti Shake Your Booty And Get In A Good Moody Schmutte on Riverwest Radio's "OWL" (Older.Wiser.Local) Show. The topic of baby names was discussed. Here is the full show.  For more episodes of OWL click here. 

This episode is just pregnant with a scrumptious bounty of Pass-The-Loot for People That Love... that is, you, my audience! 

Victoria Robison
Jessica Bayer

Anja talks life with poet "KJ" Kavon Cortez Jones.

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